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this morning, three more arrests. >> a massive investigation into the boston bombings has now led to more suspects. the fbi is saying they dumped key evidence and we're live with new details. weather extremes happening right now. the overnight battle to contain a wildfire as planes shiver in the snow. gone too soon, a young star of '90s rap dead at 34. details still coming in. turf war, snowcone joe versus mr. dingaling in smalltown, usa, the cut throat world of ice cream exposed. good morning, everyone. we begin this thursday with new
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suspects who are now in custody in connection to the boston marathon bombing. >> sources tell us the fbi had been suspicious of the three young men since the day of the massive manhunt and now they're in big trouble. >> abc's devin dwyer following the case and joins us now from washington. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning. the same night authorities cornered dzhokhar tsarnaev in the backyard boat, the fbi says his college buddies were busy trying to do him a favor. these friends of bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev are charged with helping to cover up the attack. the fbi says the 19-year-old college students took and then disposed of key evidence from tsarnaev's university dorm room on the night of the manhunt. >> they were like normal students. they used to have lots of fun on campus, social and go to a lot of parties. >> reporter: azamat tazhayakov and dias kadrybayev recognized him in the surveillance photos. one of the teens texted tsarnaev to ask if he was the bomber. lol, laughing out loud tsarnaev
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responded then come to my room and take whatever you want. the fbi says the suspects took a backpack containing fireworks and a laptop computer and dumped them in a dumpster behind their apartment. their lawyers deny the charges. >> they did not intentionally or knowingly destroy evidence. >> he has cooperated fully with the authorities, and looks forward to the truth coming out in this case. >> reporter: a third person arrested robel phillipos was a high school friend of tsarnaev seen in this youtube video charged with lying to investigators. officials say an fbi search of this landfill uncovered the discarded evidence. these empty fireworks, authorities believe the powder from inside was used to make the bombs. if they're convicted tsarnaev's friends face a $250,000 fine and five to eight years in federal prison. diana? >> all right, devin dwyer in washington for us this morning. thank you. it's become increasingly clear the weather gods have a sense of humor. while many of us are enjoying a
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sunny spring others are suffering through icy cold temperatures. >> in southern california dry, windy conditions are fueling a fast-moving brush fire. for now only 35% contained and fire crews still have quite a big job ahead. extreme fire season is here. overnight a battle against the elements in southern california. powerful winds pushing this fast-moving brush fire. hundreds of firefighters are on the scene. at least 500 people were evacuated. this man's home destroyed. >> when i saw the fire coming in the direction, first thing i thought was to have self-preservation of me and my dog. >> reporter: more fires are burning in northern california. including this one destroying homes and vines in wine country. >> i knew people were coming but until they do those minutes are like hours. >> reporter: but this is what may misery looks like. >> a lot of moisture, heavy snow. tough to shovel. >> reporter: accidents snarling the commute in denver where the
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temperature hit 80 on monday and felt like 13 overnight. >> may 1st. >> it's snowing. >> and it's snowing. >> reporter: the rockies got 28 inches of snow and the system is not done yet. more snow is falling this morning from the plains to the great lakes. a nation of extremes this morning with summer just seven weeks away. and guess what, not over yet, not even by a long shot. >> yeah, details on what's ahead weather from accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. >> well, dealing with snowfall once again as we head through these morning hours. all the air masses collide and cold arctic air diving in while a mass collides sustaining itself through the day in some cases substantial accumulations here, 3 to 6 inches cities like omaha in the twin cities, that through friday night ending until likely early friday morning locally as much as 10 inches of snow. john and dan, back to you. >> all right, thanks, jim. now to a close call at one
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of the nation's busiest airports. a scandinavian airlines plane left wing clipped at nuke airport in new jersey late last night. no passengers hurt but the planes were damaged. pilots explain to the control tower. >> got some serious tail damage. his tail is totaled. >> hey, ground, this is united 22. but i'm going to go ahead and shut down i think. >> both returned to the terminal where passengers were put on other flights. more than a dozen were arrested after a may day demonstration turned violent. they threw rocks and bottles at police and news reporters and trash cans as they moved through downtown. police responded by using flash bang grenades and penner spray. the second year in a row violence has broken out at the seattle may day marches. to a legal battle over the morning after pill. the justice department says a new york judge overstepped his bounds when he ordered all age
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restrictions on it lifted. the government is appealing the judge's order and arguing his decision should be suspended for now. vice president joe biden speaking out again this time about violence against women at a fund-raiser last night in washington. biden said women who have been abused are afraid to go to the police. >> i think women who get raped, so many don't report it. they don't want to get raped again by the system. they don't want to be put through what they've been put through. >> women are afraid to leave abusers because they'd be leaving their children behind, he said. the president immediameets mexico's president and the key element linking the issues are how both sides can work together to beef up border security. >> president obama's predecessor caused quite a stir as his presidential library opened to the public for the first time. george w. bush surprised a bunch of schoolchildren. he got in the picture with them.
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appropriately there were 43 kids in the group meeting bush 43. what a moment for them. >> one of the kids said it was the best day of his life. >> so cool. coming up, what you didn't know about one of the first american settlements. new evidence of cannibalism. >> plus, the new must have toy for techies. google's glasses with the web built right in. our tech editor takes them for a test drive. another airline creating outrage. you just won't believe it. details are coming up.
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and welcome back. one trading day into the new month and wall street traders seem to be taking the saying, sell in may and go away
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literally. all three major averages were down nearly 1% yesterday. it was the dow's worst start to a month since last june. all of that selling was blamed on several signs of a slowing economy, one of those sign, new indications of a softening job market. private employers added 119,000 jobs last month. that's the fewest in seven months. march's numbers were also revised lower and the federal reserve issued a warning. it said tax increases and spending cuts that i can canned in this year are slowing growth. frontier airlines adding a fee for carry-on bags and plan to start charging 2 bucks for soda and coffee. the new fee will be $25 if paid in advance. 100 at the gate. it applies to bags in the overhead bin so small bags under the seat are still free. passengers who buy ticks on frontier's website won't have to pay the new fees. the latest jcpenney ad apologized for the changes it made over the past few months and acknowledges missteps and
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asks customers to come back to the store. the new ceo got rid of most of the sales and brought in hip new brands and drove away loyal customers and sales plummeted. what may be the ultimate in high fashion geek ware as arrived. google glass, a high-tech headset that offers a hands-freeway to check messages and search the net. joanna stern has been testing it out. >> it's definitely not something i want to wear out and about. right now it's fun and it's something fun to test. but it's not something that really blends in, right? people definitely look at you weird. >> google glasses not available just yet but when it is prepare to shell out up to $1500 for your new pair of high-tech specks. >> someday those google glasses will look as silly as the brick cell phone did. remember when we had the chips implanted in our brain and didn't need them. >> smart. >> yeah, we are, just upload some new i.q., right? >> next on this thursday
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morning, the surprising news from overnight, this is actually quite sad. a young star of '90s rap has passed away. we have the new details on what may have killed him. upstate new york, rifle ice cream trucks until police stepped in. [ female announcer ] unlike other sour creams,
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take esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money on car insurance. [ boys laughing ] yep. technology can do some amazing things. but it can't unhurt feelings. esurance. insurance for the modern world. now backed by allstate. click or call. yikes, what a mess. that's a house in central florida filled with about three feet of mud. yuck. it all crashed into a house when a nearby hillside gave way after torrential rain. no word yet when or if those residents will be able to move back in. >> look at the morning road conditions. it'll be slow-going for many today. expect rain and flooding along the gulf coast. wet and icy conditions will stretch north to the great lakes. oben the lookout for airport delays in minneapolis, new orleans, miami, kansas city, memphis and dallas. >> back to some sad news now. the passing, a report from the entertainment world. ♪ jump jump daddy mac will make
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you jump jump ♪ >> chris kelly, one-half of the krisskross duo has died in his hometown of atlanta from an apparent drug overdose. these two were best known for "jump" from their debut album known as mac daddy he performed along each other. they were 13 when they were discovered at an atlanta mall. kelly's mom released a statement calling her son kind, generous and fun loving, life of the party. chris kelly was just 4 years old. the parents of madeleine mccann are speaking out as the sixth anniversary of her disappearance aproses. they say they've left her bedroom how it was when she vanished during a family vacation in 2007 and remain as hopeful as ever that she will be found confident in the work the police are doing. a pennsylvania woman who
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disappeared 11 years ago after dropping her kids off at school has turned up alive and pretty well in florida. brenda says while going through a divorce in 2002 she left her home on a whim, traveled to florida with homeless hitchhikers and her ex-husband remarried once considered a suspect and said it took an undescribable toll of their children. >> there were people in the neighborhood who would have not allowed their children to play with my children because of what they perceived i might be. that hurt me more than just about anything else. >> he says his ex-wife and children have expressed a desire to speak with each other once again but they're taking things slowly. gruesome new evidence that the early settlers at jamestown were so desperate for food they resorted to cannibalism. scientists said they found the first evidence in the bones of a young girl in a trash pit last
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summer. evidence includes clumsy chopping to the body and head of the girl who appears to have already been dead at the time. with summer approaching you'd think 234e town would have more than enough room for as many ice cream trucks as possible but it turns out the town of gloversville, new york, isn't big enough for snowcone joe and the new guy in town, mr. ding-a-ling. >> one of our officers actually witnessed one of the ice cream trucks following the other ice cream truck. >> both sides have gone to extreme lengths to steal away customers but just this week police may have finally ended the war arresting the operators of snocompany one joe for harassment. don't mess with ding-a-ling. >> two more teams could punch their rounds. welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. game five between the knicks and celtics at mad sng square garden.
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carmelo anthony getting ready. melo, inside, 42 points in the paint. that part of an 11-0 run to start the game. kevin garnett with a dunk of his own. 16 points, 18 boards, c's by one. paul pierce of 3 of his 16, he was 4 from 8 from three-point land. 2:30 to play in the fourth. jeff green had a game, 18 points, 92-86, things getting chippy after the buzzer. the knicks hold on. the series, 3-2 right now. russell westbrook looking on as they take on the rockets. james harden on fire from three-point land. gets that trey to go. durant would answer. gets it to go. he had 18 points in the third quarter. fourth quarter is where we go, rockets by 10. hard harden, another three-pointer as the shot clock expires. harden with 31 points in the
4:19 am
game, 7 of 9 from three-point land. fourth quarter, thunder begin to intentionally fire asik. he said it's all good. asik, from the charity stripe. rockets win 107-100. that was your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres, have a great day. all right. want to know how serious the owner of the cubs is about general rating more revenue from wrigley field? while discussing renovation plans he threatened to move the team out of chicago. >> yikes. he said big video screens and ads are needed inside of the stadium to help raise more money and he says if his plans aren't approved, well, he just may take the cubs elsewhere. i kind of find that hard to believe. >> cubs going nowhere. i got to see wrigley field. on my list of to dos. beautiful. coming up on "the pulse," ad outrage. wait till you hear the soft drink ad that some are calling racist. milk shakes bringing peanut butter and bacon together in
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female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the whole grains in quaker chewy bars. today is going to be epic. quaker up. ♪ time now to check "the pulse" and we begin with an ad that's already been pulled but it's still causing quite a lot of controversy. it's a mountain dew ad featuring a battered white woman being urged to identify a suspect out of a lineup of black men. >> it includes a goat and take a listen to what they're saying. >> point to him. >> it's me. you should have gave me some. i'm nasty. >> i don't think i can do this. >> it's easy. just point to him. >> better not snitch on a player. >> no.
4:23 am
>> as we said mountain dew pulled the ad apologizing for offending anyone. tyler's company apologizing saying it was never intended to spark a controversy about race. >> i keep saying this. i don't think that this really -- if you don't want to say it's about race, fine, put that aside. as a woman i'm offended by that. >> yeah, like we're supposed to be laughing at this pull woman. >> she looks like a battered woman to me. >> worried about that, as well. the battered women and race issues, just a creepy commercial. >> with a creepy goat. >> we don't like it. moving on to something more enjoyable, we believe. it includes bacon. listen up. sonic's new peanut butter bacon shake, tempting? maybe not. >> why does it sound so good? the usual folks are hustling the new milk shake. the smallest shake packs 700
4:24 am
calories. the largest is a tremendous 1720 calor calories. 55 many grass of saturated fat. nearly three times the daily recommended amount. >> so basically i can have a shake and a slice of toast all day long. >> why does peanut butter and bacon sound so good. >> i'm not so sure of that. >> it's calling my name. i want to try one. moving on now to a rare sight times four at a zoo in japan. a quartet of white tiger cubs made their dawe but before a cheering crowd. the result of a genetic mutation. >> only 250 exist. most of them in zoos and wildlife parks. these four are female and the brothers appear to be healthy and full of energy as they climbed all over mom. >> what a cutie pie those -- well, the momma tiger is cute too. >> yeah, they're all good looking. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be right back.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on thursday, 4:28. >> we are monitoring a wildfire that is burning with high fire danger. >> it is extended. mike nicco has details. >> with the winds calming down overnight, temperatures are cool. live doppler 7 hd showing he drew it is. the red flag warning dropped overnight. we still have the heat, today, and the dry vegetation but we don't have the wind. we have modified the heat advisory. it does not go to the coast. your temperatures are topping out early this morning and cool when the sea breeze kicks in. the rest of us have to worry about highs in the 90's and dangerously hot vehicles up to
4:29 am
140 or 150 degrees between 1:00 o'clock and 9:00. be careful. >> no major closures because of the fires but we have construction on the golden gate bridge. in the northbound direction we have a couple of lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. the southbound commute is clear. as we head to the map we will take it to san francisco with this closure, a ramp connecting southbound 101 to eastbound 80 until 6:00 a.m. this morning. we have more construction but, first, kristen and eric. >> firefighters getting the upper hand on a wildfire in sonoma county and hope to have it fully contained by this evening. the fire and windy conditions in knights valley destroyed an old farmhouse. the fire is spread over 125 acres and close to wine country. the blaze is 60 percent contained. in napa, there are two other
4:30 am
fires including one started last night that is expected to be contained this morning at the site of an 1880's resort, with 20 acres burning and unoccupied trailer was destroy. a fire is burning in lake county with one structure destroyed and others threatened by the fire. no injuries reported. >> in southern california, firefighters battle a 3,000 acre wildfire in riverside county that broke out yesterday afternoon on the northern outskirts of the city. you can see the flames in the distance. it is 35 percent contained. there were evacuations. firefighters have limited the property damage to a single house and curb the threat to hundreds more. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire in san jose that dislaced three people. it started before 11:30 near willow street with flames

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